What is the Chef's Thumb®?

The Chef's Thumb® is the latest break through in kitchen essentials.  With it's patented Viper-Bite® system it securely grips and stabilizes your produce, while providing protection for your thumb against knife cuts.  And with Thumb Touch it quickly transforms into a razor sharp, professional peeler.  Kitchen knife cuts account for over 1 million yearly emergency room visits in the US alone.  The Chef's Thumb® prevents cuts to your thumb, one of the most frequently cut digits in the kitchen.


How is the Chef's Thumb® different than other kitchen tools?

The Chef's Thumb® is ergonomically shaped and designed to fit almost every thumb size.  It is a device that can quickly be slid onto your thumb and used every time you slice in the kitchen.  It is not a cumbersome, gimmicky device to do away with traditional kitchen slicing and chopping procedures, but rather a precision crafted tool designed to make your kitchen knives safer and more efficient. 


How is the Chef's Thumb® constructed?

The Chef's Thumb® is constructed out of high strength polycarbonate, stainless steel, and triple bonded titanium coating using state of the art manufacturing processes. All of the materials are FDA approved and of the highest quality.  


Who developed the Chef's Thumb®?

The Chef's Thumb® was developed out of a need by a former aerospace engineer and amateur chef.  Tired of numerous thumb cuts and near misses, they set out to develop a kitchen tool that facilitates the traditional kitchen slicing operations.  It is precisely crafted and engineered to last many years.


Is the Chef's Thumb® Easy to use?

Yes, the Chef's Thumb® is very easy to use.  Once fitted it never needs to be taken apart unless it needs a very thorough cleaning.  When properly fitted it is designed to simply slide on and off your thumb, no need to disassemble it.


How do you care for the Chef's Thumb®?

The Chef's Thumb® can be rinsed/washed in warm soapy water like a high quality knife.  We don't recommend automatic dishwashers because of the caustic cleaners used in the detergent.


What is Viper-Bite®?

Viper-Bite® is the Chef's Thumb® patented gripping system that securely locks your produce into place so you have a secure and stable cutting surface.  Viper-Bite® grips and holds the produce, but doesn't damage it.  Viper-BIte® is optimized for the left thumb, i.e. right handed knife users, but the Chef's Thumb® will provide protection against knife cuts when worn on the right thumb as well. 


What is Thumb Touch®?

Thumb Touch® is the Chef's Thumb® patented peeler system.  Once you slide Thumb Touch® into place, the Chef's Thumb® transforms from peeler to protector in seconds.  Its double edge blade will cut in either direction and works on both the right and left thumb.  We recommend stabilizing Thumb Touch® with your forefinger as shown in the pictures and demonstrations.


What is the benefit of Titanium?

The Chef's Thumb® with its triple bonded Titanium T3 Blade is not only razor sharp, but will never rust!  Titanium bonded stainless steel is a state of the art and costly procedure, but its benefits are outstanding.  Unlike traditional stainless steel peelers, that rust and become dull, the Titanium T3 blade will maintain its sharpness almost indefinitely and never rusts.