take control of your knives!


There are over 1 million yearly emergency room visits as a result from kitchen injuries in the US alone.  The majority of these injuries are from knives.  The thumb is the  most commonly cut digit on your hand.  Wether you are a professional chef or a novice in the kitchen, every time you grab a knife you are putting your thumb at risk.  But the Chef's Thumb® prevents needless injuries and lets you take control.

The Chef's thumb is ergonomically shaped and designed to fit almost every thumb size.  It is not a cumbersome, gimmicky device to do away with traditional kitchen slicing and chopping procedures, but rather a precision crafted tool designed to make your kitchen knives safer and more efficient.


SAy No to FumbLing!

Never fumble a slippery onion or potato again!



Stop destroying and wasting  produce!


SAY NO TO Slipping!

Never worry about a zucchini slipping again!